3 Day Spiritual Session at Central Model Jail, Kanda, Shimla

It is a well-accepted fact that transformation begins in the mind and to bring about any kind of change, first the minds have to be nourished and guided on the spiritual mode. On similar lines Antarkranti has been making incessant efforts to bring about mindset transformation of prisoners.

Antarkranti recently organized a 3 day spiritual session for the inmates at Central Model Jail, Kanda Distt. Shimla from 2nd to 4th January 2018.

The 3 day congregation aimed at encouraging inmates to embrace a righteous path and infuse their minds with positive thoughts was presided over by Swami Haricharan Ji, Swami Vigyananand Ji, and Swami Virender Ji (preachers, DJJS) & also witnessed the gracious presence of Shri Sushil Thakur (SP), Shri Jagjit Chaudhary (DSP) and other eminent dignitaries.

The sessions, were studded with melodious and motivational bhajans, enlightening discourses and had preachers holding elaborate discussions on various topics of importance.

The preachers articulately conveyed to the audience that the society is moving towards a state of high entropy and developments of modern world may have eased the lives on physical level but with increasing advancements there has been a decline in human values of compassion, kindness, empathy and problems like corruption, unethical behaviour, drug abuse, environment degradation by humans etc. are rampant and plague the world. They also put forward the point that the society which is being crushed under the load of innumerable vices has only one saving grace i.e. realization of the self. This eternal knowledge can bring a haphazard world to peace. The audience was also addressed on the matters like patriotism, and power of youth in the society.

The audience of 310 inmates was deeply influenced by the incessant flow of wisdom in the prison premises and pledged to work hard on developing a good character, stay away from drugs and respect and preserve the environment.  23 people were also blessed with Brahmgyan  with the benign grace of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji.

The inmates and the prison authorities were all in praise for the endeavour of Antarkranti and were keen on having similar events organized on a regular basis.

The event culminated with the vote of thanks proposed for Antarkranti by SP Sushil Thakur, followed by “Vrikshropan” (planting trees)by the preachers and jail officials in the prison premises.