3 Day Spiritual Session Manifested Positivity at Jila Karagar, Meerut

In a major step towards raising the scale of prisoner reformation activities in prisons of U.P, Antarkranti organized a 3-day spiritual congregation for the first time in the premises of Jila Karagar, Meerut from 15th-17th May, 2017.

The event presided over by DJJS preachers Sadhvi Lokesha Bharti, Sadhvi Surbhi Bharti and Sadhvi Ambika Bharti aimed at inspiring inmates towards embracing spirituality in their lives as treading a spiritual path is the only medium that can successfully change the direction of a person’s life for better.

The program unfolded with detailed discussion on significance of human body and its ultimate objective of self realization on the first day. It was followed by translation of Navda bhakti from Ramcharitmanas and narration of sagas of transformations of Emperor Ashok and Daku Unglimaal from being brutal and unforgiving people to messengers of love and peace; all due to blessings of their perfect masters.

Preachers also accentuated the importance of a perfect master in life and how handing him the reins of life transforms a person.

The incessant flow of wisdom rekindled the hope of reformation in the hearts of 100 inmates who sincerely and attentively attended the sessions on all 3 days and the mesmerizing bhajans sung during the program soothed their minds. The audience was visibly moved by the kind and motivating words of preachers as tears welled up in the eyes of many inmates at various instances during the event.

The event received a very warm and generous response from prison officials too. The staff actively contributed towards successful organization of the program and along with inmates, various officers also sought spiritual counselling from the preachers. Mr. Sant Lal Yadav (Superintendent) and Mr. AK Singh (Jailor) marked their gracious presence at the program and were highly appreciative in acknowledging the various endeavours of Antarkranti.

The event concluded with initiation of 50 inmates into learning of Dhyan-technique.