A Positive Engagement Activity to Inspire the Prisoner's Minds & Hearts

The walls of women cell at Jila Karagar Meerut are now adorned with inspiring & encouraging quotations & sayings by His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji.

The evergreen & revolutionising messages and slogans that have stirred masses towards an awakening would  now motivate the prisoners too , through the posters & banners that have inscribed these words onto the prison walls.

The posters & banners were put up by the female inmates as a part of Positive Engagement Activities being conducted by Antarkranti across various prisons of the country.

The activity was organized following the spiritual session,organized by Antarkranti, wherein DJJS  preachers Sadhvi Surbhi Bharti Ji, Sadhvi Neelam Bharti Ji & Ambika Bharti Ji made elaborate discussions on Women Empowerment & how women are the agents of change in a society.

The inmates, total 40 in number zealously took part in the process and seemed delighted on being involved in the activity that would surely , to some extent, aid in changing the atmosphere of the prison.

This activity was one of a kind and is bound to give results for a long time . One hopes that the mesmerizing words on the walls leaves an impression on the minds of the inmates and provides them strength to take a step towards self correction.