Antarkranti joined hands with U.S Embassy, New Delhi

This time Antarkranti walked across country by joining hands with U.S Embassy, New Delhi to promote the cause of prisoner’s reformation.

U.S Embassy had invited Antarkranti to promote the cause and products made by Prisoners under the ‘Livelihood Generation’ Project of Antarkranti. Antarkranti received a warm welcome by the event management, US Embassy, New Delhi on 10th Decemeber, 2016.

Antarkranti held promotional stall, exclusivey for Embassy staff and their family, with an aim to promote and showcase skills and talent of reformed prisoners working with Antarkranti. The stall was graced with huge no. of visitors, they were seen getting fascinated towards the unique cause. The quality of products, eco friendly & attractive packaging of the products was compelling for the visitors.  

The visitors had an insight about Antarkranti’s approach in correcting mindset of offenders. They were informed about the initiatives Antarkranti has taken up for prisoners in Indian Jails. They were enlightened about the role society plays in reforming and rehabillitating prisoners for a crime free society.

The visitors were inspired by the initiative to get engaged with the program and expressed their wish to volunteer for the cause.