Expert Session on Yoga and Naturopathy by Dr. Naveen Sharma in Women Jail, Tihar Prisons, Delhi

As the 4th edition of International Day of Yoga approaches it reinforces the need of viewing Yoga not merely as a set of exercise but a way of exploring higher dimensions of life and make it more holistic.

In the same vein Antarkranti organized an expert session on “Yoga and Naturopathy” on 04th June 2018  in women jail, Central Jail No. 6 , Tihar Prisons, Delhi. Dr. Naveen Sharma ( Yoga) Chief Medical Officer, Naturopathy, Balaji  Nirogdham  was the guest speaker for the event which was also graced by the presence of Sadhvi Jaya Bharti , Senior Representative, Antarkranti DJJS).

Dr. Naveen spoke to the participating inmates about the utility of Yog in keeping a healthy balance in body mind & spirit. He explained how Yog & Naturopathy can simply be followed in our daily life & how it is effective in developing immunity, improving physical fitness & mental health & keeping diseases and ailments at bay.

He also mentioned that nature holds the cure of every ailment and almost every kind of medical problem can be dealt with naturally available elements. He also explained to the audience of 60 women inmates, how soil, turmeric and neem , three most common and easily accessible ingredients can be used to treat many day to day problems such as digestive problems , skin problems, inflammation and pain etc.

He further explained how regular Dhyan keeps our mind focussed, relieved from stress & is instrumental in evolving an individual to higher consciousness. He further said that to reform ourselves during our stay in jail & lead a happy life post release, we must evolve ourselves as human being by adopting the discipline of Yog, Dhyan and naturopathy in our daily lives

Various Yogasans and pranayams were also demonstrated during the session.

After the session concluded, Dr. Naveen provided free consultation to as many as 50 inmates.

The expert session was aimed at helping the inmates to gain deeper insight into spiritual & mental self and also understand the benefits of Yoga that can help them change the course of their life.