Independence Day & Janmashtami Celebrations Inspire Inmates at District Jail, Sirsa

A festive patriotic fervour prevailed at the premises of District Jail Sirsa on 14th August 2017, courtesy the simultaneous celebrations of Independence Day & Janmashtami.

Antarkranti organised an enlightening event on the eve of 15th August, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Independence Day and also Shri Krishna Janmotsav.

DJJS preachers, Swami Dheeranand Ji, Sadhvi Mahasharda Bharti Ji & Sadhvi Anuradha Bharti Ji presided over the event. Mrs. Silakshi Bhardwaj (Superintendent, District Prisons, Sirsa) and Mr. Anil Bandhu (Deputy Superintendent, District Prisons, Sirsa) were present on the occasion.

The programme commenced with the traditional lamp lightning by the dignitaries followed by a string of melodious bhajans invoking both the devotional & patriotic spirit among the inmates and others who were present. Thereafter, the preachers shared with the audience their thoughts on the significance of the two festivals being observed on the day.

They reinforced the fact that freedom came at a price and the people must cherish the ideals & principles of the freedom fighters that left no stone unturned to free the country from British rule along with the rich heritage of values, knowledge, cultures and traditions the country is blessed with. 

Preachers also discussed the various facets of the multi-dimensional personality of Lord Krishna. Be it the naughty Bal Krishna , the friend Krishna, the statesman Krishna, the devotees adore him in every form and his affinity for his devotees is also unparalleled. Lord Krishna was the crusader to establish Dharma in the world and in the conditions prevailing at present, it is more necessary than ever to revisit his timeless lessons that he endowed upon the world in form of Bhagavad-Gita.

The audience of 150 inmates’ listened with rapt attention the discourses and it was heartening to see them fully engrossed in the event. They also expressed their desire for more such events being organised in the near future by DJJS.

The program concluded with the Dy. Superintendent proposing a vote of thanks for Antarkranti, appreciating its dedicated efforts in distinct areas of prison reforms.