Inmate Disciples @ Central Prisons, Tihar Celebrate Guru Poornima With Full Fervor

The Guru –shishya relation is the most charismatic & enigmatic on the face of earth, its beauty and divinity beyond comprehension.  ‘Guru Poornima’, the day that celebrates the essence of the timeless relationship of Guru- shishya is a testimony of this fact.

The auspicious occasion of Guru Poornima is gem of a festival. It is the only big day in a disciple’s life , the day that every disciple wishes to reserve rights to celebrate come what may and why not, after all this day brings the unique opportunity to worship the Guru and along with it come moments and experiences that every disciple wants to behold forever.  

The Guru Poornima celebrations is a platform for the disciples to express their gratitude at the lotus feet of their master  and irrespective of the situation every disciple craves to offer salutations his/her Guru on this day.

Thus it came as no surprise, that the inmate disciples of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji , waited anxiously  for the Guru Poornima celebrations to take place in the prison premises .

Antarkranti (Prisoner Reformation & Rehabilitation Program of DJJS) celebrated Guru Pooja at Central Prisons, Tihar on 11th July 2017, but such was the level of excitement & avidity among prisoners that they  started with preparations beforehand making all the necessary  arrangements for the program like cleaning the location, seating arrangements,  decoration of the stage etc.

Around 60 female inmates of Central Prison No.6 gathered at the Vyayamshala of the prison premises to participate  in the GuruPooja celebrations & offer their salutations in the lotus feet of revered master. The program was presided over by Sadhvi Satyaprabha Bharti, Sadhvi Mridula Bharti, Sadhvi Anjali Bharti and Sadhvi Jaya Bharti (preachers DJJS). Shimray Asaiwo Bellrose (Superintendent, CJ6) was also present during the event.

The program commenced with ‘Aarti’ of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, followed by bhajans and spiritual discourses. The melodious bhajans, high on colors of devotion enthralled everyone & inmates couldn’t resist themselves from tapping their feet. The high level of zest was infectious and even the prison guards & wardens joined in the celebrations.

The spiritual discourses reinforced the essence of Guru-shishya relationship. Guru tirelessly works on his disciples, always standing by his side, and, what to say of the pure, unconditional love that  Guru showers upon his disciples. A disciple can never reciprocate the colossal divine love of Guru but surely can make attempts towards establishing a strong both with him. It’s our duty as disciples to follow his every word and make sure that we are always connected to him , irrespective of the circumstances.  The flow of thoughts bought about a sea of emotions & many could be seen wiping their tears.

The Prison officials attending the program ,too were highly impressed and appreciated Antarkranti for conducting programs of these levels. They also promised to extend their full cooperation to organize more such programs.

The event concluded with the distribution of Prasad.