Spiritual Session at Burail Jail Chandigarh, on the Merits of Good Company

Antarkranti conducted a spiritual session at Burail Jail, Chandigarh on 19th December in the jail premises voicing vividly the message that “A person gets influenced by the company he keeps”.

The session presided over by Swami Satbiranand Ji of DJJS was ingrained with beautiful pearls of wisdom and melodious bhajans. Addressing the audience of 250 male inmates, Swami Ji articulated the wise thought that, “one reaps as one sows”.  He constantly stressed on the importance of having a good company in life. He also emphasized that a person's company influences his thoughts which in turn builds a man's character and decides his direction in life. He cited examples   in support of his articulations from various religious texts.

The audience listened with rapt attention, as the Preacher conveyed that only the benign grace of a Perfect Master can enlighten a man from within which leads him to the right path in life. In the end, Additional Inspector General Satish Kumar applauded Antarkranti for its initiatives and invited it to organize more such events in future as well for mental peace and transformation of inmates.