Spiritual Talks Off at Central Jail Bikaner

Antarkranti, made a flying start to imbibe spiritual lessons at the Central Jail Bikaner, Rajasthan by organizing a three days  program for the inmates from October 16 to18, 2016. The event commenced with the ‘Lamp Lighting Ceremony’ by Mr. Parasmal Jangir, Deputy Superintendent.

The session was marked by the presence of eminent guests Mr. Kailash Trivedi, Jail Superintendent and Mr. Karni Singh along with seven hundred and fifty inmates. The Preachers from Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, Swami Chandra Shekhranand Ji and Swami Sashi Shekhranand Ji enlightened the assembly with the law of Karma. “What goes around comes back around” is a phrase that speaks volumes. The Preachers advised the inmates to look within themselves and begin the process of transformation. They were made to realize that the ultimate goal of life is possible by the guidance of a True Spiritual Master.

The Jail officials present at the session gave the valedictory remarks, wherein, they encouraged inmates to make practical use of  the values and the spiritual thoughts delivered to them from the stage by the learned Preachers. It was evident from the response of the inmates that the Preachers had succeeded in igniting the spiritual spark to bring about the genuine changes in their inner world and they looked determined to seek transformation to change the course of their life for the better by giving up the negative traits of the past, which perhaps landed them inside four walls of the Jail. The sprout of positivity was implanted firmly in their lives, as would be seen from the reaction in their bright and enthusiastic countenance by the end of the program.

The DSP of Central Jail Bikaner acknowledged the excellent work of DJJS and released a Press Coverage on the program.