Spirituality Transforming the Lives of Prisoners in Yamunanagar Jail, Haryana

It is true and proven on Indian soil in every era that a noble soul descends on Earth each time the darkness of ignorance deepens. It seems that there is no way out and life will be spent in darkness forever. Just when a life is about to give up and surrender, an enlightened soul descends and eradicates the ignorance.

In the current time as well, His holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is a divine soul who is helping humanity by blessing them with the power of divine knowledge. He is the founder and guidance behind DJJS (Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan) whose ‘Antarkranti’ project is helping jail inmates to lead a respectable life. Antarkranti organized a four day spiritual- cum-motivational discourse in District Jail, Yamunanangar, Haryana, from 31st to 2nd April, 2016 for the male inmates.

The session and devotional music carried out by Swami Abhedanand Ji, Swami Subhodanand Ji and Swami Dheeranand Ji (all preacher disciples of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji) focused on inspiring inmates towards holistic living and to imbibe spirituality in their lives.  The first three days served as food for thought for the attendees to unveil the talent lying in dormant state in the individuals. The positive ambience, thus generated, blessed the attendees with self-confidence and restored faith.

Nearly 217 inmates benefitted from the session. 19 interested inmates enrolled themselves into the technique of Dhyan (meditation), being conducted on the fourth and final day of the event. The initiated inmates were seen highly motivated to start fresh journey of life free from depression and hopelessness.

The event was covered by print media ‘Dainik Jagran’ and ‘Yamunanangar City’ as well to highlight the importance of spirituality among prisoners. It was thus seen that one thought in the right direction is sufficient to transform the life.