Who we are?

Antarkranti – Prisoner Reformation & Rehabilitation Program is a path breaking
initiative of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, working to impact the areas of prisoner reformation,
rehabilitation and reintegration since 1995. Currently, we reach out to 2,50,000 inmates; men, women & youth
across 40 jails in India. At Antarkanti, we endeavor to eliminate the criminal and offensive instincts from the
mind-sets of inmates using ‘Brahm Gyan’ to connect them with their spiritual self and
awakening in them the eternal vital vigilance.

Antarkranti creates avenues & partnerships to provided mental health services, psychological
counseling, skills and employment,education opportunities and post release short stay facilities to take
inmates from punitive solitude to responsible social life.

Our Mission

To Check crime through reformation
rejuvenation, rehabilitation & reintegration
of prisoners.

Not all prisoners
are Criminals

Among prisoners are those who are professional criminals, first time offenders, and innocents. The challenge remains to correct and reform criminals; make first time offenders withdraw from offensive mindsets & prevent innocents from criminalisation. Antarkranti is strategically working to provide a tangible solution to these inmates bound by the prison walls, giving them motivation, direction and prospects to live a life of virtue and dignity.