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Private Sector Engagement-Prisoner Reformation, Rehabilitation and Reintegration in India

Date: 18 April, 2013

Venue: Federation House, FICCI, New Delhi

Antarkranti in partnership with FICCI organized a conference on ‘Private Sector Engagement - Prisoner Reformation, Rehabilitation and Reintegration. The main objective was to mobilize, sensitize and include the private sector for active participation in Reformation, Rehabilitation & Reintegration (3R) of prisoners. The event achieved its full participation in which panelist, audience or beneficiaries of the program got an opportunity to share their thoughts, valuable suggestions and live experiences respectively.

The conference was attended by 60 participants separate to the panel list. Renowned personality such as Sh. Anup kumar Mittal, Chairman & Managing Director, National Building Construction Corporation, Smt. Gauri Gupta, Lead Strategy & Program Development, National Skill Development Corporation, and Sh. R. K Lala, Deputy Director (ICDS & CSR), National Cooperative Development Corporation were among the panelist. This being the first dialogue, donors committed to support the initiative in the meeting itself.